My Cheating wife - "My friend facilitated by calling my wife.."

The issue comes barely a year ago when i was involved in an accident. My friend facilitated by calling my wife and other buddies.

Since then he wants to talk to my wife more often than i do. me and my friend we are out of our home country. My wife visits me at specific times. when she comes the friend would like to talk to her. after every maybe two hrs he calls and asks whether she is around. when i say yes she is around he wants to talk to her and i don't know what they discuss.

When my friend goes to our home country he sends a please call and my wife responses. This started when i had sex with my wife and since i was back from hospital i was not fully recovered but the libido is always there.

My wife was not satisfied and tells my friend as though am going out with other women. she told him everything and i only heard about it from other buddies whom my friend consulted, but was bad reason because my leg was broken in the accident so the performance was not 100%.

So now when my wife comes he wants to know about it and when she is going back. he wants to talk to her more than twice a day. to me its becoming ridiculous and causing stress and am coming to a boiling point. when i asked my wife why this guy phones like that she answered that because it was your friend meaning me.

I kept quiet. What should I do. She is coming again at the end of February and my friend is already aware about it.

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