My Cheating Wife

by Brokenangel
(Canberra, Australia)

The Faithless Bride.

The Faithless Bride.

My wife, (******* ****** *****, a.k.a "G"), cheated on me before and after our wedding in September 2008 with a guy she met at poker in Queanbeyan, M S (a.k.a. "F"). They and their friends used fake names to try to cover their tracks and thought it was all pretty damn funny. B best friend J J (a.k.a. "S") encouraged B with text messages asking how their flirting was going and emails telling B "you know you want M body".

Well it wasn't hard to see that something was wrong. B went from the girl I knew, who wanted nothing more than a baby, a house of her own, and a man who loved her, to a mindless party girl. She stopped being interested in her home and her family, she only came home long enough to get ready to go out with her "friends," and she would go out most nights of the week, sometimes all night, only coming home to sleep it off. Sure - she has plenty of excuses about why she "had" to go out all the time, and why she "had" to cheat: but when it comes down to it, if she had issues with the relationship she should have brought them up and we could have worked on them, instead of creating new and worse issues.

One night in mid-January 2009 I decided I had to know the worst and I checked her emails, and I found out everything. The cheating, the months of lies and deception, and that she'd been smoking cannabis with her friends and driving home stoned and drunk. When I confronted her with the emails, she got mad at ME for "invading her privacy"! And instead of feeling any shame or or remorse and working things out, she decided it was over between us, and I moved out right away.

She has already started openly dating other guys -within just a few weeks of our separation. It's like she has no guilt, no shame, and doesn't care about anything that gets in the way of her having fun.

Am I right to feel so angry and upset? I feel betrayed, I feel like I want the world to know how badly she's treated me, and warn any other guys against having anything to do with her. She took me in completely, I loved her, I did the right thing and married her (SHE proposed to ME last year, on Feb 29th, Leap Day), and it turns out she was a liar and a cheat.

*Names removed by Signs of a Cheater

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Party on
by: thevengfulone

My wife was loving and caring. But her ex drove her to drink! After that, she changed to someone I didn't know. The party was none stop. she looks like 40 miles of rough road now.

by: Anonymous

Go read up on histrionics, it is a major incurable personality disorder, in a person who lost a parent when the child was between the ages of 12 and 18. Affliction usually starts at age 20 an is most active till age 40 and many times beyond. Many cannot handle the crazieness and commit suicide. In the relationship the Wife lies, cheats, rationalizes, does not like to be "not in command" always in a power struggle with spouse,highly critical of spouse, ultimately hating them forever. The afflicted love being in love with a new player, anyone but their spouse, ultimately they end up hating new spouse to the point of destroying the spouse and anything they are about. The afflicted will experience multiple marriages, and breakups. High sexuality, flirtacious, cheating, many times the afflicted assume new cheating relationship is much deeper than it really is.

A very painful situation for spouse left at home. The people afflicted by this disorder leave a wave of destruction , pain and agony in their wake, for their spouses, children, parents and family. I have been there, and would not wish this pain on anyone. If your future spouse has lost a parent when they were between the ages of 12 and 18 Watch OUT! Loss of a parent at a key age is usually the common denominator, 80 percent of the afflicted appear to be Women, 20 percent men! Good Luck!! it took me 40 years to Identify what went wrong with my childhood sweetheart and when I found out it all fell into place the lies, cheating, and destruction, she is on husband #4. Move on, your past spouse already has, and in reality you never want them coming back! They are unconditionally broken!!!

Its what they do
by: Anonymous

Thats what Filipinas do. They grab the guy with the highest income they can and then spread for whomever. Ya been there.

Same thing - "u and i share the same fate"
by: boysie

wow...u and i share the same fate,...geez..everything u have written here...happened to me..its like almost identical...the only difference is we have 3 kids...and all of them are with me...good luck to us both...damn women...

About this...
by: Anonymous

My husband did cheat on me more than once. I tried to make it work. You got two options.

Turn the other cheek and pretend like nothing ever happens and continue to be cheated on.

Or Dump her arse. Better girls out there. Me being an example. I was faithful and appreciative...the favor wasn't returned.

Don't be a player'd only be repeating what she would you like to turn into that someday? Nah. Do it the right way ....eventually you will be rewarded. :) AND NOT ALL OF US WOMEN ARE THE SAME!

mom cheated
by: bad boy

my mom cheated, I catch her one time maybe she cheated many times.

by: Anonymous

Look for her used underwear w/ his cum and masturbate

The Sad Truth
by: Z

There are a handfull of individuals who feel there actions cant be wrong. However, because all people do wrong and make mistakes it is thouse said people who will blame you for doing something wrong; when in fact all you did was confront them about there wrongs.

I have coined a nickname for such people "Leaches." The life of a leach is to suck blood from its food to live while it does not contribute a benifit to you.

It gains a benifit for itself. The best thing to do is not lie to yourself about someone being a "leach" and when a person is one avoiding them.

Signs of a Leach

1. No matter how much sweat and blood you poor into making them happy. They never work to provide an effort on there part to return the favor. Nor do they feel such responsibility is nesissary.

2. The person has never admited in doing a wrong, or when wrong has never apoligized for it.

3. The person would rather give up on your friendship or relationship then take time and effort to fix an existing problem.

by: Anonymous

move on with your life dude no woman can be trusted. just be a player the rest of your life just like I AM. Just remember always use protection when having sex.YOU dont need to have any accidents or any STDs.

by: Anonymous

First you had every right to look at her emails. It was the good thing for you do confront her, but all the signs were there before. You must have loved her a lot to hang in there.

She is lost. and has lost you.

good luck
by: Anonymous

Just move on with your life my friend. You are a person with principles and she's not. She has commited adultery and she will end up paying for all the bad things she did. Good luck my friend

She's heartless
by: Anonymous

Are you kidding me? You have every right to be angry. It's odvious you're better than her so just move on. It won't be hard to find better than her. As for her not so much.

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