My Fight Just Ain't The Same

by Lakesha Lewis
(Memphis, TN)

Just Kesha

Just Kesha

Passionate about love, Passionate about life;
Passionate about the future, a future oh so bright.
Until that one day I was jilted to the core;
My fight just ain't the same, since you slept with that whore.

I was made to feel wrong for finding it all out;
Finding out what my man was really all about.
Constantly returning to that forbidden place;
My fight just ain't the same, it is written on my face.

Tired of crying and trying to keep the peace;
While you slip back to that whore, it doesn't seem to cease.
I have to stand up and and dust myself off again;
My fight just ain't the same, you will see in the end.

Go back to that raggedy whore, with all your false securities intact ;
Although you deny it, you just keep on running back.
This situation is like gangrene, it's eating us to the bone;
My fight just ain't the same, so I am leaving your tail ALONE.

-Lakesha Lewis

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