My Girlfriend Cheated on Me

Should I Stay or Leave? This Will Answer Your Question

My girlfriend cheated on me - should I stay or leave?

I just read a post entitled "My girlfriend cheated on me" in a forum today and it made me think about what I would do if I found out today that it happened to me.

This person also stated, "She means the world to me but I can't trust her. HELP! I don't know if I should take her back"

My first thought was, I wonder how old this person was. The scenario may be different based on the age of this person and also how serious the relationship was.

If it happened to me I would really have to sit down to really analyze the situation. For me, I have a lot invested in my current relationship. I do believe I have a very special person. In saying that, I know that we are all human so mistakes will happen.

I would consider how it happened. Was she in a vulnerable moment that probably wouldn't happen again? Or is she just a player? She would certainly have me fooled if that was the case.

So my girlfriend cheated on me, what should I do?

What Are My Choices?

I would sit down to consider my choices in detail. I could try to get to the bottom of things to see if she was in a vulnerable place and analyze her actions to interpret if she was genuinely sorry for her actions or just sorry that she got caught.

I could certainly pack my things and hit the road without looking back. There is the saying, "Once a cheater always a cheater". Hmm, this would be a difficult choice.

Can I Live With Either Choice?

If I choose to stay with her, will I ever be able to forgive her. Will the thought of her with another man consume me constantly? If I stay with her, the idea would be to be happy. Could that ever happen?

If I choose the other option to leave, will I regret not giving the relationship a chance to overcome infidelity? Will I always wonder what could have been? Will the comparison always be there with all my future girlfriends?

Will It Happen Again?

I think if somehow I could decipher the code to figure out if she is a "cheater" or a good person that made a bad decision then my choice would be easy. How can I know?

In Summary

If my girlfriend cheated on me I would choose to stay and try to work through her mistake. I know I have a very special person and I do believe that she would spend the rest of her life trying to make sure that I was happy.

I know I would never forget what happened but my I also believe my love for her would allow me to forgive her in time.

Are you with someone that their inner qualities would allow you to forgive such a mistake? I would not recommend you stick around to even encounter such a scenario if your answer is no.

"I think I would always think about her cheating in my head. How would I ever forget what she did?" - Sam from Illinois

My girlfriend cheated on me and I know my choice. Would you know yours?

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