My girlfriend still has the Tinder app on her phone

by Chris
(Palm Beach, FL)


My girlfriend and I have been dating now for about 4 months. Last night when she went to show me a video on FB I quickly glanced the Tinder app on her phone.

I knew she had the app when we go together, but I just figured that four months into our relationship she would have deleted it by now. We both are clear that we are together exclusively.

I can't say if she just forgot about the app, but it is on her phone's home screen. I am also judging based on what I would do and what I did. I took the time to clean up loose ends by deleting and blocking people that could potentially cause problems in my relationship. I also deleted several apps that could be seen as shady.

I don't want to sound like I don't trust her, but I am not sure how to approach it. I also feel as if I make her delete it, it wouldn't be because she wanted to. I always felt in life, you should let people make their own decisions and then see what they decide. However, I also don't want to keep my mouth if it could potentially save me a heart break in the future.

Besides seeing the Tinder app on her phone, our relationship has been going well. I can't complain about anything in general other that the usual disagreements and they aren't ever about anything serious.

We both are pretty easy going people and I do feel that we do respect each other. Should I casually bring it up without asking her to remove it to see what she says and how she responds?

I also don't want to feel like I am scared to speak my mind. What would you do?

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I don't play that...
by: Anonymous

I would say something, and I would have said something the first time I saw that she still had it on her phone. I would say something smart, like "Hey Tinder is for single people, are you still single?"

Somehow I would make sure it led to us have a conversation about it. Address small issues before they blow up and become big ones.

I definitely wouldn't bit my tongue and you shouldn't either. There is no need for your girlfriend to have Tinder on her phone anymore.

Speak your mind. Bring it up that you noticed the Tinder app
by: Pam

Hey Chris,

Let me tell you from a woman's perspective, we respect men that are able to stand up for what is right and speak their minds when something needs to be addressed.

I am not like this, but I know several girlfriends that say they will get away with as much as their man will let them get away with. Sounds bad, but sometimes you have to put your foot down to keep your woman in place.

Maybe you can bring it up in a casual conversation that you noticed she still had the Tinder app. Maybe even make a joke out of it like, "Hey I saw you still had your Tinder..trying to replace me?"

This lets her know you know, but it also sounds like you're not too worried. But this gives the relationship a chance for the dialogue to continue about this issue you have.

Hopefully she will nip it in the butt right away and delete it in front of you. Hope this helps.


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