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My grass is not green YET

Ive been in an on off relationship with my son's father for 17yrs.He 3 other children with 2 ladies and of course i found out much later. He is now living with a lady in NZ the mother of the youngest child. I found this out a month ago. My son had to go to him for the holiday but refused to when he found out about the other woman. He stopped paying maintenance when the lady moved in. That was 2yrs ago. My heart is in pieces for my child. Im an adult and i chose to be part of the toxic relationship but i hurt for my son whose father calls him 2 a year. Im positively trying to do new things to make a grass a little greener but i find myself grieving my son's loss. I dont know how to make it better for him. Im more sad than I am angry. I really looking forward to this year and i hope that my grass wil be the same green it was before i met this man. I found your poem so inspiring. THANKS

Exceptional...It touched my heart!
by: Anonymous

Your poem touched my heart. And I commend you on being so strong!

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