my husband broken my heart after a 25 yr marriege

by Helen


my husband and i have been married for 25years i have a son 18 and we use to go on holiday every year of which i thought we was ok ,until 2007 i came home from work to find my husband on a sex dating site talking to a girl from Ireland i told him to ring her he did told her he had been caught out talking to her and affair i told her he can have him and a he begged me he wanted to stay in which he stayed over the past year hes been going to London to do his photography as he did but i had a feeling he was meeting her as he said on a email he would or may meet up now and then ,anyway i had a car accident 2010 and 10 spine operations of which the last one 5 hrs long he did not want to know the 2014 he caused arguments sending pics of dishwasher not loaded right and jumpers off the line and when i came home cause arguments by turning tv up so he didnt have to listen to me he had any excuse to ru out the house then he said he was leaving i looked at his hes phone to see she was on it and i see she had been at out holiday destination every year we was there the liar and cheat was decieving me all along i gave him control of every thing and feel betrayed cheated robbed and plenty more of my pride i would not wish this on anyone and still suffering not that i want him but that robbed and now being tortured by her als of face book of all place cruel world we live in and he also put my car in 3 bus lanes before he went nasty person i did not deserve such torment .....

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