My Husband Cheated on Me, But I Realize It Doesn't Have to Be the End of Our Marriage

by J-

I found out a week and a half ago that my husband cheated on me exactly 3 weeks ago today. We've been together 13 years, married 6 and last Saturday was our wedding anniversary! Not so happy though. I was reading on your website about the different types of cheating situations and it helped me feel better about my individual situation. I like how you put that not all cheating is created equal. I've joined an online support group and I've read many different stories on infidelity. Some people told me that they would trade stories with me and I've told myself "oh, My story isn't that bad compared to theirs." But we all have one thing in common, WE'VE BEEN BETRAYED BY OUR LOVED ONES! And I'm not ok with that! Right now I've started my healing process and I am in limbo of what to do next in regards to my marriage. But I've found this site to be very helpful and I wanted to thank you! It has help me confirm that his fling truly was a mistake. Like I said, I'm not ok with it, but it was a drunken mistake to where he was feeling the need for attention because that is exactly how he put it when he confessed to me. Even though my husband cheated on, I really do want to save my marriage. So thank you for dedicating your time and effort with helping us surviving infidelity!

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