My husband cheated on me, on Facebook after my bilateral breast mastectomy

(New Port Richey, Florida)

My husband and I are married for 35 yrs now. Last year I was diagnosed with breast cancer on my left breast . My surgeon suggested that we have to do bilateral mastectomy because the kind of cancer i have is lobullar cancer and has a tendecy to spread easily to the other breast.

After I was diagnosed my husband found all his high school classmates in Facebook. He started chatting with them all the time even in front of me and even right afetr my surgery.

At the beginning I was happy for him beacuse it seems he was happy. But this one woman I had noticed that she was hitting on him and he was hitting on her too.

So i told my husband that i didn't feel comfortable that he was chatting with this woman anymore. He just ignored me so i e-mailed this woman to tell her to stop what they were doing but my husband was very angry at me.

So to make the story short were constantly arguing about this woman and my husband would make up different names in facebook just to pursue this woman.

Now they are constantly texting and chatting on the phone and facebook and finally i found out they have a relationship in which my husband has been denying for a long time.

I told my husband to leave me and be with that woman if he could not stop what he was doing. But my husband would not leave me.

He said he is just enjoying what he is doing. He also said that the reason why he is continously chatting with this woman was because i have no more breast and that he missed them( my breast) and he was depressed.

He said he just entertaining himself and there is no physical contact because the woman in too far , in the philippines. I would like to leave him but i dont want to leave our house that we had built ,to him and he might bring the woman into our house.

So i am always miserable seeing him chatting and texting this woman all the time. So I switch my working hours to evenings so i could not see him and what he was doing.

Please give any advice or suggestions. I will appreciate it very much. thanks !

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