My Husband Cheated

by Kimberly

My husband cheated in the past. It seems like I am always cautious watching. Let me explain he has done it to the point of almost ruining his career.

We seperated for a while. Have been back together for a long time and today I went to his work to wait for him to get out and he didnt see me.

He went to our vehicle and got our snow brush and then turned and started cleaning off a co-workers car. She asked him to. I lost it. NOw I just dont care.

My husband is a nice guy but. My philosophy is if I wouldnt do it in front of you then dont do it at all. He swears he loves me and was just being nice.

Am I over reacting or should I kick him and the bitches ass. Oh, I read all the classic signs of cheating and they are all true. In the past that was him to a t. Now those signs arent there .. or he is just to smart for me. Help before I take a ball bat to him.

My Husband Cheated - By Kimberly

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Is it his fault?
by: Anonymous

or were your intentions for him not to see you..i.e. parking where you knew he wouldnt see you, or expect you to be. from what i can tell by your story that part is not clear. in my job we help clean each others cars off. especially if one of us forgets their snow stuff and it snowed while at work...we work shifts and we get off at the same its not uncommon to see a guy help a woman, or vice versa. what you dont know is that maybe he was being nice and that you really didnt give him the chance to do it in front of you because he didnt know you were there. its very possible that he would have done it with you there. its just that you were not seen, so therefore you thought he was being sneaky, when in reality, you might be seen as the one being sneaky because you didnt make your presence known...maybe you could have approached as soon as you saw him start to clean her car off....too many variables here to define that situation...i am not taking his side, and i dont cheat (i think my woman does and thats why i am here)but i just was posing an alternate idea to you...good luck though...and i hope he means what he says to you

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