My husband signed up for 2 online dating sites

K so I'm always playing with my husbands phone. So one morning he tells me that he was playing around on the Internet on his iPhone ( I know he looks at porn on it) so I said ok what ever, then he says that a few dating sites took his email and have been sending him emails and he didn't know how to delete them so I said ok whatever then he said well I was mad at u, I didn't really think nothing of it( I was dealing with our 8 month old).

So a few nights later I go on his phone to delete these emails. I looked through the emails and it said his name and passwords so I hacked in. I found out he created 2 profiles on 2 different sites! I thought that's Not an accident. I read his profile it said " Looking for a petit woman to have an encounter with, No strings"!!!! My heart dropped!!!

So I confronted him he was sooo sorry this and that blabla... So today it got brought up, he said he was just dicking around and he didn't do anything wrong and the only reason he felt bad was cause I caught him.

He keeps saying I'm cheating on him witch I find weird cause he knows I'd never do that it's almost like he saying that to hide something else?

Do u think what he did on the Internet is cheating or what? I don't know what to think? All I know is it still kills me

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