My husband stopped wearing his wedding ring. then he moved out for 3 months,came back,then moved out again!

by angela mcleod
(orlando florida u.s.a.)

My husband stopped wearing his wedding ring{supposedly because of his religion}and then moved out cause he and my dad weren't getting along.

3 months later he moves back in. approx. 1 yr. later he moved out again,this time breaking up with me saying he wants a divorce.

3 wks. later we work things out, but he does not move back in.then,4 months later,on christmas, he picks an argument with me,uses that for an excuse to break up with me.

He told me he's moving on and insist i do the's jan,2011, we haven't spoken since we broke up 2 weeks ago.

He also changed his password on Facebook after i caught him flirting several times.he's also told me that one of the reasons he was breaking up with me is because he's the only one working and i am useless to him cause i cant help him pay his bills.

He claims we have a unbalanced marriage cause i can't work and produce any income. i'm disabled with u.c. and crohns disease, and yet he would verbally abuse me telling me to get a f'n job.

When i started dating him, he had nothing and no where to go,felt sorry for him and took him in,risked my life to give him a son,bailed him out of jail 7 times and he has the audacity to say i cant do nothing for him but give him some pu$$#.

We lost our apartment the last time he went to jail,that's how we ended up living with my parents. He blames this on me too. i told him not to go out that night but he didn't listen to me,so how am i to blame? this is the thanks i get after 13 yrs. of devotion?

What a loser.i have more to tell but i have no more writing space.

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by: Anonymous

If he's such a loser (and it sounds like he is!) why on earth do you even want him in your life? Yuck.

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