My Sexless Marraige - Was it my fault?

by Malcolm D

My wife Carole and I have been married for Three years, She is a slim 31 Year old, Blonde hair, Nice small tits, and Very petite, When we got married our sex life was amazing, we would f*** at least once a day. she was always willing to try new positions and things, The only thing she would not do was let me c*m in her mouth, much to my displeasure, but sex was still awesome.
Last year I started my new job, Very long hours, and by the time I got home each day I was exhausted, But Loved my job, and I was providing the finances to give us a good life.
Sex was the one thing to suffer, I was just too tired at the end of the day. My wife did not need to work, so her day was her own to do whatever she pleased. She never complained but I could tell she missed this part of our life. She would at the weekends go out to see shows with friends of ours, which had my blessings, Me Being tired was not her fault and she should not miss out on other things, Missing out on sex was bad enough! I will be honest and say that seeing her naked body was enough to make any man hard. and I loved seeing her naked every day when I woke up for work.
One Saturday afternoon. It was 6 months and 3 days ago to be precise! she called me at work to ask if I minded her going with a friend of our to see a tribute show for the Beatles. I as always said..Please go it will do you good to have some fun.
By the time she arrived home I was fast asleep, The next morning I didn't have to work so we had a little cuddle in bed and I asked her how the show went. It was GREAT she said, She had a wonderful time. At this point she said to me. Baby I have to tell you that...Tim ( a friend of ours ) was also at the show, and after the drinks had flowed a little, reached over to her and kissed her! Huh I asked.... Kissed you...where ?? How??
Well she said. we were walking back to the car and he put his arm around my shoulder and said. My God Carole you really are Gorgeous! At that point he stopped us walking and planted a kiss on her lips! He immediately said.I don't care if you smack my face ..I HAD to do that!I asked her what she did after that..she said she smiled, Hugged him and carried on walking to the car again. I know Tim has always had the hots for her, and I know she has flirted innocently with him in the past.
She went on that they both sat in the back of the car on the way home and he held her hand all the way to our house. As she was getting out of the car he reached over and kissed her again! she told him. Good night and smiled. I asked her if she enjoyed it, to which she replied.YES it felt so good, at this point she started playing with my huge erect d*** and we had the most fantastic f*** ever!. During our lovemaking she teased me a little about Tim, saying things like. I bet his tongue tastes nice and how she may find out for sure the next time she sees him. This only made my d*** even harder and she could tell I was enjoying it. She said.You never know I may just let him F*** me! seeing as you are always too tied. How would you feel about that? I was so horny I replied..Baby its your body. Do what you like! at that point I came so hard I felt like I was going to faint!
After we rested for a while, she said to me...I was serious about what I said about Tim.
You were serious about what you said about..Its my body, do what you like? wasn't you.
How could I back down now! especially as the thought of my wife being f***** by another guy was such a turn on! Sure baby I said. Good she said..smiled to me and went into the shower. My stomach was in knots. what had I just agreed to I wondered! Was my beautiful loving wife about to have sex with another man. a friend of ours???
She came out of the shower and picked up her phone. I went into the shower and freshened up.
When I got out of the shower she was sitting naked on our bed, I saw her naked body and instantly got another erection. she was smiling seductively at me and told me to sit down.which I did. Baby she said there is a reason that I have not got dressed yet. Another f*** I thought. but she carried on saying. You know how I feel about adultery? She always hated people that had dirty affairs! Yes I said. She went on to say. I don't understand how someone can have sex with two people. Its just not right. I always admired her for her strong views. Yes baby I agree I answered. Well she said, and this brings me to the reason I am sitting here naked for you right now. You know I have strong views on how impossible it is for a girl giving her body to two guys.Yes I said.
Well baby.If I am going to let Tim f***..and believe me I am ! well I cant give you my body as well..It just wouldn't be right! Would it?? I gulped but did see her point. well no it wouldn't baby, but what does that mean I asked? well she said, you and I just made love for the very last time. and I sitting here naked for you so that you can have one last look at my naked body, as after this conversation you wont get to see me undressed again. not even in my undies. If I am going to give Tim my body he must have exclusive rights to it, She went on to explain, that she will always wear undies and a shirt in bed with me. and I have to wear my boxers. there will be NO Intimacy at all between us! Wow I said you have thought this through haven't you? yes she said and while you were in the shower I called Tim to ask what he wanted? he honestly told her that he fancied her like hell and always dreamed of sleeping with her! She told him that his dreams may well become a reality and that she fancied him as well.
So when is the going to happen I asked ? Mine and your sex life or NON sex life starts from right NOW she said and got up..opened the door and asked me to leave while she got dressed. I got up off of the bed and my d*** was rock hard..she smiled and better go into the bathroom and get rid of that!I was standing there with a huge hard d*** and thought I would make her feel guilty and said to her... For the very last about giving this a little lick baby? Thinking she would feel sorry for what she had just explained to me. alas.....she shouted in a stern voice. NO! NO WAY!! you know what I just told you! Now please get out so I can get dressed.You have already seen me naked here too long now!I looked down at her and her hands were already covering her perfect tits and nicely trimmed p**** hair. as I closed the bedroom door and started walking to the bathroom, the bedroom door opened a little and a pair of shorts were thrown out with the order..after you have finished working yourself off put these on. I don't want to see your d*** again! Within seconds I was shooting my load onto a toilet tissue. I put my shorts on and waited.Carole emerged from the bedroom looking so hot! she came over to me and kissed me on the cheek .hugged me so tightly and told me.Baby this does not mean that I don't Love you. I Truly Love you with all my heart. It just means that we will have a sexless marriage that's all. we will still be together for the rest of our lives. just without Sex. I must admit that her words gave me a huge amount of warmth and security. Maybe this might work I thought. I did feel guilty that I cant spend as much time having sex with her as I knew she needed, so maybe this will be ok.
The day we spent doing normal happily married couple things, and sure enough at bedtime she went into the bathroom and came out wearing her undies shorts and shirt. we kissed goodnight and slept with no contact. The following evening when I returned home from work she told me that she had spoken to Tim on the phone and that they were going out together next Saturday. I asked her if that was the day that she would give her body to him. That's my plan she said.oh ok I replied. That Saturday arrived so quickly, she called me at work to tell me that she would be leaving around 6pm for her date with Tim.and that she would probably be late home. A fool to myself I know but I asked her to text me a photo of how she looked. which she did. she was wearing a white thin sleeveless shirt and short jean skirt. you could see her white bra through the shirt. she looked Amazing!
I got home from work and she had left me a little note telling me how much she loved me,and if I really didn't want her to go through with this I should text her, If I did text her she would NOT sleep with Tim. How could I stop her now!! I jerked myself off and texted her saying. Baby I Love you. Have Fun and Tim is a lucky Guy xxxxxx
She replied. Baby you have no idea what your text did to me. I Love YOU and yes Tim is going to ENJOY tonight and So was SHE xxxxxxxxx
It was almost 3am when she came home I was asleep in bed. she came into our bedroom and woke me with a kiss, Hi baby she said. Hi baby I replied are you ok? YES she replied smiling! well did you?? I asked?? Well lets just say Tim LOVES what you no longer see or touch baby! she replied.I am going to have a quick shower before I come to bed she said. and went into the bathroom. she was only in there for seconds when her phone buzzed. it was a text from Tim. I read it and he said, OMG I LOVE your body I LOVE f**** you.I LOVE how you swallowed my c*m I LOVED tonight! Cant wait till next time. sweet dreams my angel xxxxxx
She swallowed his c*m..the one thing she would NEVER do with me. I didn't say anything to her. But the following day she did tell me how he c*m in her mouth, she said it just felt so right!
They have been sleeping together now for six months and I have never seen her naked or in her undies to this day!
She Loves f****** Tim and often spends the whole night with him now. But we are still so Very happy and so much in Love.

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