My story of betrayal

by bob

Tina was 21 & I was 23 when we married. We we're young & full of life. Soon after marriage we both started to see faults in each other. "For better or worse" I guess that part in our vows, we didn't understand the value of that statement.

Tina taught school & I was a blue collar worker with a local company. I was a jock that played a lot of softball & went to tournaments all the time. So I was gone on weekends a lot.

Tina hung out with friends from work. The one thing that Tina had, was she had a outgoing personality & she's extremely attractive, she would turn heads all the time. This always made me feel good about myself.

But later we became distant over our first year of marriage That spring we had a couple that we barely knew, invited us to their house to look at a business opportunity.

We were very intrigued by the offer. Guy was a local business owner my age & seem to be very successful. Tina & I we're blown away by his presentation.

We both decided to join the Champions organization. We started attending meetings on a regular bases. I noticed Guy seem to go out of his way to talk to Tina all the time.

I just thought to myself, that's normal because men do that all the time. So summer comes, and of course a new softball season is starting.

I started to miss some meetings, but Tina would still go. I would hit and miss meetings. I started to notice Guy's wife wasn't attending, but they also had a new baby.

I just figured she was at home taking care of their child. As the summer continued, we started arguing more and more. Tina was developing resentment toward me.

I was oblivious to why. Looking back now, all I can say is, I was naïve and stupid. It seemed like Tina was always meeting Guy.

She told me she was placing orders for the upcoming week. As summer came to an end, I notice we we're becoming closer and enjoying each other more.

The one thing that always stuck in my mind, we went to a conference for the Champions organization at the end of August, Guy was sitting across from Tina and all he did was stare at her legs the whole time.

Every time I noticed him he would look away. For some reason it just didn't register with me.

In September Tina had me to meet her at our favorite local restaurant. That's we she told me, she was pregnant. I was so excited and elated!

I'm going to be a dad!! Right then my whole life changed. Softball was now secondary and now my focus is on my family.

I would get up early every morning and make her toast, because she was nauseous during her first trimester.

Now It's Thanksgiving week. For years I have gone deer hunting that week. Tina always spent Thanksgiving with her parents.

I left Wednesday morning, and wouldn't be back home until Sunday. The next morning while I was hunting, I couldn't stop thinking about my wife and baby, all I know is I just wanted to be with them.

So I packed up my guns and made a four hour drive home. I was so excited about seeing her!! I arrived home around 7:00P.M. Tina was so excited to see me!!

We just hugged and talked about our future, baby names, etc. Then she ask me a question that blew my mind.

Did you ever go out on me? I thought to myself, Hell No!! I was afraid to ask the same back. I thought for a moment, and ask. She was very quite for a moment and then the answer I never thought I would here.

My world came crashing down in flames!! She told me she had a brief affair with Guy, that only lasted a month.

I was devastated. She told me about her affair that night. How she felt neglected and alone. Guy would tell her that if she was his wife he would never leave her to go play softball or hang out with the guys.

He would be with her all the time. How she deserved so much more than me. I ask her could this baby be his.

Tina said no way because she made sure he always used condoms. To this day I still have doubts.

My son now is 32 and it's still in my mind a lot. She has spent her life trying to makeup for her bad choice.

What makes me even more angry, later I found out that Guy is nothing but a predator. He has had several affairs with women.

His wife left him because she found out he was having an affair with one of their employees. Here's the kicker to this story. This piece of shit teaches a Bible study at church mentoring men how to be a good husband and value their wife.

What a f**king joke!! His ex wife never knew about his affair with Tina. I couldn't do that to her or Tina.

Well that's my story. My advice to other men. Make sure you value your marriage, and your wife knows it!!

Love and cherish her. Because if you don't, their are predators out there that are looking to take advantage.

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