My top 5 signs of a cheating boyfriend

by Kristy

Cheating Boyfriends will leave behind signs for their girlfriend to catch if she is paying attention. As the affair gets stronger are more into the other girl and then they relax a bit and they leave a lot or clues uncovered.

Here are my top 5 signs of cheating boyfriends

1.Lack of intimacy. They are not as intimate as they use to be. The reason for this is because the other girl is getting all the “loving” There is less cuddling, kissing and all that things that you did when you first did when you fell in love.

2. He cheated before. There is that saying, “once a cheater, always a cheater” A very good sign of the future is looking at the past. So be careful that it is not a trend or habit. Is he a habitual cheater?

3. He avoids you. A big sign of a cheating boyfriend is when he makes up all sorts of excuses as to why he can’t be with you because he’s spending time with his “other” girlfriend. If he has to work late, stay after school, is always with his friend’s or co-workers more than usual, these could be the excuses your boyfriend is using to cover up his cheating ways.

4. He never answers his cell phone around you. A way to tell if your boyfriend is cheating is if he always turns his ringer off around you or walks out of hearing distance from you. These are big red flags he may be cheating. If he receives calls at odd hours or speaks on the phone in a strange manner could also be signs he is cheating.

5. He is easily irritated when around you and always finds a reason to argue with you. If your boyfriend’s behavior suddenly changes, there is a possibility that he may be finding fault with you in order to justify his cheating in his mind. That way your cheating boyfriend can say you “drove” him away. The opposite of this behavior is being overly nice, giving gifts and being lovey-dovey because he wants to keep his cake (you) and eat it too (his other girlfriend).

I was involved with a cheating boyfriend and I ignored all the clues he left!!! Pay attention girls!

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