My wife secretly masturbates - Please help

by Bhaskar

My wife secretly masturbates her self from ten days onwards i am asking about the reason why she masturbates secretly while i sleep.

She doesn't tell any thing she says sorry and then after i sleep she continuously masturbating when i go sleep.

I argue most of the time about this matter i ask her to pleasure herself you have to think of someone to masturbate and to enjoy she thinks for sometime and say i was not pleasuring herself why u say it why u think negative she sorry for that after that she promises she will never hurt me ans after i sleep she again pleasures herself secretly

i want the reason behind that any guy in her mind or something else?

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Women just like the way it feels!
by: Anonymous

I have been married for 20 yrs plus, I never used t masturbate. I never needed to because my young horny man made not even consider. However, after time a women finds this the best relief. I do this all the time, I am not thinking of someone else I love. I just think of sex. No faces, just my husbands.

Talk to your wife, wow! She is trying to tell you what she wants. If she wanted someone else she wouldn't do it in front of you! Think about it!

Honestly, I wish I could do what she is doing. However I hide it. Your lucky move forward and have a hot night!
FYI..Your a great guys to post this, you care! Talk.

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