My Girlfriend Cheated on Me - But I Still Lover Here

This is My Story

This is my story on how my girlfriend cheated on me. We have been going out for 3 years before our current break up. It has surly been an up and down ride.

It seems as if we have gone through things that only couples that have been together for much longer should have experienced. All my friends say that we just like to torment each other, and that it is not true love.

I do not jump to believe what they are saying because all of my friends are single and have never come close to loving someone.

While I respect each and every one of my friends, I would also like to hear suggestions from others.

My Girlfriend Cheated on Me – But Here Are a Few Things I Would Like to Add Before You Reply

My girlfriend cheated on me but I sill love her

But I Still Love Her – Despite all that my friends have been saying, I still love this girl. When I am not with her, I just don't feel the same. We really do complement each other and we have always encouraged each other to be better in life. I really do feel incomplete.

She Cheated With Her Ex – When we got together years ago, I knew it in my heart that she never quite was over her ex. We discussed it often when I was courting her and she would always say that she didn't like that there wasn't closure with him. I know that this is not an excuse, but the fact that this was not a random guy that she chose to move on with, leaves me with thoughts that I may be able to get over it in time if we were ever to get back together. I would probably rephrase that to I am praying that it is something I could possibly get over in time.

I Have Cheated as Well – Early on in our relationship I cheated on her and she stayed with me. It was a very difficult time for us but we stayed together. She stuck by my side despite what I did to her so I find it very difficult to walk away when swallowing a dose of my own medicine.

Things Weren't Going So Well – When she cheated on me, we were going through a recent rough patch in which we were not really talking after said some very hurtful things to her. I sort of feel as if I nudged her a little bit towards her ex. Surely I didn't think that even if it would have been a push, would it have lead to this but here we are.

She Deeply Regrets It – I knew that something was wrong one night when talking to her. It didn't take much for her to completely break down and come clean about what had happened between her and her ex. She genuinely seemed regretful and has tried every day since that night to get me to come back t her. She has even written several heartfelt poems to communicate what she feels. Poems were never her thing, so I know it came from her heart.

I can't put my finger on a definitive reason as to why my girlfriend cheated on me, but I do believe deep down it is not because she doesn't love me. Was it revenge cheating?

If it was, should it be any easier for me to accept her back?

"She cheated but I still lover her" - Sidney

I am asking for replies only from those with good intentions. I hope to hear from you.


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