Nany - "Finally my fantasy fulfilled"

I am a 28 year old girl i want to share my rare sex experience I am married for last 3 months living happily with my husband is good but was a nice guy and i always desired for something wild.

A new tenant came last month near our house an old man in his 60s along with his wife.One day i met the couple on road after that day onwards i began to go to there house frequently and became friendly with them.

I started taking alcohol with them they were very good with me one day I went to their home the man was not there i saw in his room a lot of porn pictures i was exited, when the lady came and told me no problem they enjoyed erotic things after that day even i began discussing sex with them and i told them about mysex fantasy.

One day while i was comming back from home it was raining and i was wet then the old man took me in his car and gave me a lift after that i started changing my clothes in his room suddenly i saw him peeping i intentionaly opened my clothes and started lying naked to arose him. He walked in and started kissing me i first rejected but later i gave up he kiissed my neck lips and started biting my nipples. After a few minutes he undressed himself and we both were like in 7 th heaven he f**ked me with his huge c**k and i started crying in pleasure later we tried 69 and after a few minutes he tied me up and started f**king me hard in the mean time he became wild started biting,slapping me and after few minutes his wife came we were tensed he wore his shorts opened the door though we were tensed first she came in and kissed me after that we had a threesome. After that day onwards we did lot of dirty things together like we both danced naked drunk the couples bang me with sex toys at last i am getting the wild sex which i always wanted

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