Neighbor and wife

by Steven
(Phoenix, az )

So i am a hard working male in my late twenties and my wife is the same age. I work out of town for a week at a time.

We talk on the phone just about daily. Here recently our neighbors have had a fight a broke up for whatever reason. She "a stay at he mother" watch's his children while he is at work.

He will drop them off and pick them up. During most pick ups he will vent to my wife on how hard his soon to be exwife has been to him. My wife tells me about how bad she was. She has even told me that he said his sex life wasn't great and he had to cook and clean even after working 2 jobs.

I made the joke of making him dinner and showing him what a "real woman" should do to appreciate her husband. She kind of chuckled and said yea I've thought about it but I couldn't do that. I might get emotionally attached.

Ever since I have been fantasising about her cheating. I think having a hot wife or being a cuckold is hot and it turns me on.

I've told her and pointed at that I would be fine with her cheating on me and that she just come back to my bed at the end of the night. I just wonder if she has thought about it more or has done it.

I hope she does and tells me about it.
How do I help her get up to finally doing it? Be sutle? Be hard with her? Neglect our sex life until she finally does cheat?

I really have a fantasy of coming home to a filled wife but I don't know how to get her to do it. I've cheated before in the past but with work she forgave me because she has always been monogamous.

I want her to explore and play around. I have asked her several times while during sex about swinging and bringing others but usually that turns her off.

Am I wrong for wanting her to be unfaithful? Am I a sick man? Any help?

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