by marie

My boyfriend has told me several times just how against cheating he is. Today, I picked up his cell phone to check the time and noticed he had a text message.

It was a girl he met at a bar the other night. He told me that she had flirted with him, but not that they had exchanged numbers. I read the text messages and I know the girl from years ago.

Some of them were saying that they might meet up after work someday. They're friends on myspace and suddenly, he has hidden his comment box.

This morning, he checked his myspace in another room, though there is a computer in his bedroom. This girl knows he has a girlfriend, but he asked if she was single.

I need advice on how to catch him in lies without him directly finding out that I know.

If I find out what's really happening, I will not hesitate to make both their lives a living hell.

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To view his comments on myspace
by: Sarah

well if you want to read his comment....
go to his profile, look in your address bar of the internet.
look in the part of the url that says friendid= and sum number
highlight the number and copy it.
go to your home page and click to view YOUR comments
now go back to the url box and find, friendid=
highlight yours and press paste to put his id there.
now yu can view all his comments = )

had to do that to cacth my boyfriend one day.

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