Newlywed hb cheated w/many women - "I found out, he has cheated on every woman he has been with"

by swedish1
(Temecula, CA USA)

I met my hb online, wasnted really interested at first, a yr later he found me on FB. Met him in Oct,2010. I thought he was so arrogant, flippant and vain!

After 3 weeks, he said,"I love you." He told everyone that we were getting married at one of the local wineries.

Yet, he hadn't asked me. Valentines Day came and went, our 6 mo anniv, finally after telling friends he was going to ask me in April, we went to a romantic fondue place.

He didnt ask, we had a fight on the way home, I cried, disappointed.His response was,"You seemed bored."

I broke things off, in the morning he gave me the most horrid proposal, I said, ok.

He had a gorgeous 3 1/2 carat ring. He said he had bought it,10 yrs earlier, in case he ever got married again.

I asked several times if he had purchased it for someone, or had anyone else ever worn it. he replied,"Of course not!"

He was incredibly thoughtful,extremely attractive, romantic, but he was also more and more moody as time went on, complaining that his heart was racing etc.

He went to South America on a business trip. I had just returned froma trip w/my daughter to Europe 2 days prior to him leaving.

He was instant messaging me these undying love notes, that he had never done before. I thought it to be a bit extreme.

The day he returned, while in the shower, I check his emails on the phone. One said, "I really enjoyed touching and kissing you all over. I will call you as soon as I return.Kisses darling."

I re read it a couple of times. I ran down the stairs, and said, "I will NOT be w/a cheater. I thought you were, but now I have proof!"

He sent me texts that he was trying to be a good hb, and he gets these results. He hurled insults and said," Fine, I want this over between us too!"

It took him 2 weeks of lies, changing his story before he told the truth. I found other emails he had sent to 3 other women inviting them to return to So America w/him. What audacity!

They sent him chest shots, and he made sexual suggestions to all 3 of them. They had obviously been intimate. Two of the women called me, and told me they had been seeing my hb the entire 3 months of our marriage and during our entire relationship.

He told me he was on business and returned home in July, 3 weeks after our wedding I He returned home at 12:30 a.m. and said,If I wanted to argue, I would be w/my ex wives." He went to bed, I slept downstairs and cried myself to sleep.

Well, the one lady said it was her and she had no idea he was married. The other lady didn't believe that we were married, I had to send her proof, before she would talk!

After forgiving him, he is going to SA meetings and some counseling. I get a call 2 days ago, 4 mos after all this ordeal, and she tells me she has been seeing my HB the entire time weve been together too. She found me on FB. She said,"You know I am not the only one." I replied, I am aware of that."

AFter swearing on his chidren's lives and his mom's grave, that he was never intimate w/anyone, he confesses yesterday that he was w/two of the women.

So, my hb was cheating basicaly the entire yr and a half we have been together.3 weeks after our marriage, he is at a hotel w/a woman!

I am leaving him. What audacity, what nerve. I am a confident, very attractive woman, business owner This is so depressing and shocking. He has hurt so many women.

How does he get away with it? Good looks don't account for this sick, immoral behavior. I hope one day he is faced with his lies and horrible actions... Hurt is an understatement.

I found out, he has cheated on every woman he has been with. He neglected to share any of that with me. He told me, HE was the one cheated on...

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I Had the Same Prob w Bill S.
by: Anonymous

I had this same problem with an ex I dated, Bill Ewing NJ. When we met, he had told me that he had been unfaithful to his wife as she was dying of cancer. I tried not to judge as I had never been in such a bad situation as that. But all during the relationship, there were signs. A 25 min. ride home from my house to his would take him 2 hours, because he bumped into someone in traffic at 11 at night and went to the diner for coffee.

Or he's at a bar local to my house with "friends" who I never heard of before. A real estate closing that should have taken an hour takes 4 hours. Stuff like that. Finally broke it off, and he poured it on about how much he loved me blah blah blah.

For a whole year. Then I find out he was seeing some skank named Sherri that he met 3 days after we first split. What a piece of garbage. Women of NJ - BEWARE!!!

by: Anonymous

So, basically to summarize, my newlywed hb has been on several dating sites and was dating 5 different women... the entire time of our 6 month marriage!

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