Newlywed, husband has cheated w/many...


Met in Sept, engaged April, beautiful wedding June, 2011.
Suspected hb of cheating when he texts that he has meeting for biz,phone battery running out,so don't text. He called 6:30 p.m., got home 12:30 a.m.1 mo. after getting married. He yelled at me, threw the receipt at me from valet. "I'm sorry I have to work" he said.Waiting in bed waiting for my new hb. I asked about it many times. Then he asked if this purple roller brush was mine in his car. Changed his story 4 times. The guy lies about everything! He brags about how much he misses his wife so much they suggest he go home a day early, when he was in Europe. Well, I break into his email and find he has written a woman talking about how he enjoyed touching and kissing her. They wrote back and forth, he asked if she wanted to join him when he returned on biz in 4 mos. I almost fainted! 3 mos married!
I left. We talk 1 day later,he insists he met her once, kissed once when we first started dating. He had an apathetic, unemotional answer, didn't seem to care. Strange.I gave him a chance to come clean, he screamed, "Do you want me to make up a story, that's what happened!"
Next day, I find he has been sending emails to 4 women talking about having sex w/them. They send him sexy photos. That he calls them constantly(he rarely calls me or emails me!) only texts. He is also on 2 dating sites sending women virtual gifts!
He invited them all to Europe on his return. I emailed the 3 women, 2 wrote back, 1 called me.
NONE of them believed he was married. I had to send them photos. All this time when he is telling me he is doing business, he has been seeing women out of town. He travels a lot. He has been seeing these women while engaged, and married to me. A newlywed man. He has lied so much that my head is spinning.
This time when confronted, he didnt deny things. He justifies, minimizes, tells me it was only for attention, no sex and he knew it was wrong.
He now wants to make the marriage work. I am devastated. He said he is really happy w/me and his marriage, he knew it was stupid. My kids and family are grown, but they hate him and think I'm a idiot if I go back to him. He is going to counseling now. He has no reason why he did all these things. He wrote nasty things to them and it makes me physically sick.
No respect, no moral compass at all. He has been cheating the whole marriage. 3 mo.s married and a serial cheater.

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