Hi i have been with this man for 5yrs off and on as he was still with his wife for the first 4yrs. so yes i did have an affair with him at first and got the usual thing wife doesnt want to have sex and wont show me love etc ,also i he told me that he had ,had heaps of affairs while with his wife.Just 2mths ago he got a text which i read from a lady(Daniell) and it had XXX plus other stuff he deined noing the person and deleted text straight away then he wanted to go when i wanted to know who it was.

He left later text me back and said i have lost the best thing so i will leave you alone know so i dont hurt you anymore, afew more texts came though later saying i dont deserve you and you have only been good to me i am the one who fucks up all the time. i was really hurt.

The next he text me saying he found out who Daniell is it was ex wife cousin who was WA working in mines and moving to QLD and he said i know you wont beleive it but its true. Then later on that day he text saying that it was a him not a her
just spell diff.

Later on another text that he lied and she was so long time friend that he helped out after beening bashed then the stories kept on changing and it really messed with my mind, it is so clear to me that he is seeing her but he still says he never slept with her(he has not been able to face since but he wants me so bad so he says , icant beleive a word he says. he kept on texting me saying i was the one lying because i am saying that he cheated on me.

Anyway i sent him text telling him he is a gutless cheating lying c___t and not to text me anymore. I am really hurt but i could never trust him and one told he has cheated on his wife so he will cheat on you.

And he did, hopefully time will heel.

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