Not sure if my Boyfriend is cheating? I need help!

by Chelsea
(South Carolina)

Me and my sister. (im on the left)

Me and my sister. (im on the left)

Ok well my boyfriends birthday was last week and we decided to go see one of his best friends named michael and he has a sister named Sara.

Well when we got there we went to his bestfriends room to play some video games and sat on the couch in Michael's room. We were sitting there for like 5 minutes when all of a sudden Sara walks in and sits right next to my boyfriend on the same couch that im on.

So she starts flirting with him by picking on him and trying to tickle him & everytime he would go to get up she would try to trip him and everytime he would go to sit down she would scoot over real fast so that he would end up landing in her lap!

I didnt know what to do by that time because i didnt want to say anything to her because we were in his bestfriends house and that would probably be a little akward, and i was hoping that my boyfriend Winston would say something to her but he didnt.

It was almost like he was used to her acting like that. So we go to leave and im really quiet in the car and he says "I know that your mad about her being all over me, but she has never acted like that before".

I felt like i wanted to cry right then and there, but i couldn't because we were on the way to go out to eat with his family.

Well after we go out to eat with his family and we get back to his moms house, she starts telling me and winston that "Sara has been hanging around here lately & her and your sister have been going of and just hanging out a lot."

Well by that point i automatically know what Sara is trying to do! She is trying to get in good with his family so that they would like her more than they like me because i never really go around his family because im too shy.

Well his sisters birthday is only 5 days later than my boyfriends so they ended up throwing her a party too and Sara was there so i didnt go of course, just because that would just be too uncomfortable for me, but later on my boyfriend tells me that sara came and picked him up earlier that day so that they could go get his sister from school, but before they went to pick up his sister they went to sara's house and hung out there for a little while, and im just really confused because i dont know if anything happened between the two so i really need some good advice to help me out.

Im just about ready to break up with him, but i hope that it doesnt go that far because we have been together for a while and its not that i dont trust him because i really do, but even good guys cheat sometimes.

Please help me out i would really appreciate it!

Chelsea Miller :)

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tough one
by: Anonymous

well it sounds like your boyfriend is open to you about her for the most part. if you havent tried asking him what his feelings toward her are now would be the time.

Tell him how you feel about the entire situation and most of all be honest with him.

I know all to well what your going through i have the most current post on the site rght now "what to do" just hang in there if you really love him and if not then he wasnt ment for you and you will find a guy that you truely love someday.

Best of luck to you and hope all goes well for you.

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