Not sure what to do or think


My supposed to be fiance doesnt act like he used to anymore! We have been together for over 2yrs.

A couple of months back we broke up for the 3rd major time.In times past he would chase after me and call nonstop to get me back.

This time was totally different,he called and whined for about a month and within our conversations he would mention sex.

Well after a month or so he quit calling so much and when he did sex wasnt mentioned.

I had a feeling that he was seeing someone and i ask him about it and of course he says yes hes been talking to several people,I ask him not to let any woman come to the house until i get all of my things out.

He says that he wouldnt because he doesnt want a relationship with anybody like that. I trusted him because he never gave me a reason not to before.

Well he wanted me to come over so I did and while I was there the girl he had been talking to at the time texted him.

He tells her that I was there,of course she reacts irrational. He starts getting highly upset so I ask whats the problem. He tells me they are just friends and the girl was getting irrate.

I said if you havent said something to make her believe that there was something different than she wouldnt have acted that way.

He finally tells me that they made out when she came over one night but he also tells me that she hasnt been over but one night so I call her and ask her a few questions and she gave me the answers to my questions that I thought she would.

He promised not to talk to anyone again or lie to me because he wanted a relationship with me again.

I give him the chance to show me that things are going to be different. Come to find out he lied to me again,this time talking to 3 different women after telling me that he will never lie to me again.

I try to quit talking to him again and again he tells me that he is sorry and the lies are over. He wants a future with me.

I have his phone in my name so I start looking up his summary.I about died when I saw the bill.for someone to tell you he has changed and stopped lying the bill tells me something different.

I ask him whos number is what and if hes confident he will tell me and of course it doesnt belong to a girl but if its a number he doesnt want me to know about than he says we will find out but never does when im present.

I used to trust him with my life but now I dont trust him as far as I can see him. He still says he wants to get married and be with me but he still keeps things from me and we cant talk about what he does wrong without getting mad and starts yelling and eventually hitting.

He wont do as I ask in order to be with him but if I try to leave him alone he wont quit calling or trying to get in touch with me.

I dont want a relationship with someone like that.when someone lies,doesnt listen to anything that bothers you,acts like they done nothing wrong and its all my fault and is only nice when he wants something,I cant see myself being truely happy.

If things doesnt get better im going to have to leave the relationship behind no matter how bad him or myself feels.

I cant be happy and on top of that cant trust him because of all the lies that ive had to deal with in times past.ive tryed to forget about the bad past and move on but he has a different attitude now that hes talked to another girl and possibly f...ed her since weve met.

I need some feed back on whomever reads this cause im slightly confused.

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