Not what you think

by G
(Toms river, nj)

I was sitting at a bar after a long drawn out dinner meeting and I was just exhausted from a long day of punching numbers. My wife was home with my boys. She is a great mother and I would do anything for her and she would for me. Well a tall dark skinned black man, named Jon, came and sat next to me. He too was at the meeting but from a different branch. We didn't know each other. We started some small talk and our conversation turned toward a light skinned black secretary who was a stenographer at the meeting. She was sexy and some real eye candy. We both spoke of her as if we had a chance to bed her. Jokingly I asked Jon, "is it true"? He looks at me curiously, "is what true"? I said you know, black men and their cocks? He just laughed, took a sip and stood up. "Follow me" he said. So I'm game, I get up and follow him into the men's room. As we go in, there is one guy at the urnal and Jon motions towards the handicapped stall. The guy finishes up, washed his hands and leaves. As I follow no too close, I enter, Jon turns and locks the door behind me. He's about 4" taller and from his physique I could tell he spends time in the gym. I'm a little intimidated and he looks at me and places his right hand on my left shoulder and pushes me down. I'm not really sure why but I just went with it. I'm on my knees in front a a black guy in the men's room, in a stall and he says, " now you wanted to know, your gonna find out boy". He unzips and pulls out about 7" of soft cock out. I'm just looking at it. Very clearly the head was bright pink I'm guessing from him being circumcised. Now he places his hand on the back of my head and pulls me towards it. Again I don't know why, I've never even given a thought to what I was about to do. But I did it. I took the head into my mouth. It's had a slight odor of cologne and musk, tasted a little salty and I was starting to suck he's now giving me directions and still in complete control. I can feel it growing and thickening in my mouth. Using my hand I began to stroke him as I kept the head and about 3" in my mouth. He was enjoying me and I was enjoying him. I was at his disposal. He grew a bit more but never became fully erect and hard. But it was really turning me on. I had at this point a raging hard on of my own. A whirlwind of emotions and thoughts were racing thru my mind as I continued to suck and stroke Jon. I wanted to see how big he was but he didn't let me take it completely out of my mouth. The door to the men's room opened and I was shocked back to reality, stood up and headed for the stall door. Jon placed his hand there on the door so I couldn't open it and whispered, "wait til the guy leaves". He was right. He didn't want to get caught and I certainly didn't. He zipped up and we went back to our drinks. A whole new pecking order was established and he told me that now any time he was in town we could meet and finish what we started. We talked and I asked him, " what the hell just happened"? He said I had been, " blackened". We talked a bit, quietly exchanged cell numbers and I asked him to explain. He said, " white people are basically curious, and that, they will do as told when an aggressive, educated black man tells them what to do". I have to admit, he was absolutely right. It's as if I couldn't resist. I was curious, he felt me out, he read me and he allowed me to explore. He also said before he left that now I will be looking for black men to suck. Well he left and I was sitting there, no longer tired, no longer exhausted. I was rejuvenated some how. I finished my beer, paid my tab and went home. I made mad, passionate love to my wife that night all the while thinking about the black cock in my mouth just a few hours earlier. To this day Jon has not called. I have however found myself looking at black, intelligent, intimidating men in a new light. I have also begun searching the Internet for black guys who want their cocks sucked. I love my wife, I'm crazy about her but I can't stop sucking black men. I'm very picky and safe when I play my game as to never take a chance of catching anything. I'd never forgive myself if I gave my wife a disease. This is an absolute true story and I'm still blackened. All but one of the guys I spent time with know of, "blackening". G from NJ

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