Now Tell Me boy, How Did She Taste?

by Cloudy Suarez

lol i look funny..

lol i look funny..

Now tell me boy, how did she taste?
tell me, how did she feel?
how did you fool me with your lies?
cause boy, i was never yours to steal.

Now tell me,
was her breath hot or cold?
right on the back of your neck..
Now tell me,
How did it feel to know that you stole
my all
that you left this heart in a wreck?

Now look at me with those betraying eyes,
look into mines like a man!
Now play me the song of her heart beat
Tell me,
Was breaking me always your plan?

Now tell me,
what did she say?
Did she believe the games that you played?
How did it feel to be drowned in your lies?
Having it rain on your parade..

Tell me boy,
Why were you ever confused?
Had i not seen the doubt in that face?!
Why the hell did you choose my heart to abuse!
please tell me boy,
how did she taste?

Now hum me the sound of her voice
over, and over again.
was i always your second-choice?
please tell me boy, i don't understand!

Tell me boy,
how much pain was she worth?
Why couldn't you ever be satisfied?
I remember you saying it was a curse
now start telling the truth before your stories collide!

Since when were you a compulsive liar!?
since when did you get in my head?
Now tell me, since when have i dreamed of the drugs to take me
cause baby, now i sleep cold in bed.

I'll tell you how it felt
I'll tell you how i see..

How it felt to let you hold my world in your hands,
and how you returned it to me.
I'll tell you how it felt to loose control
and how i began to erase..

We'll exchange stories,
I'll tell you about my nightmares,
& you can tell me..

How she tasted.

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