Nurse - Cheated on her husband of 31 years with her co worker.

by CranstonMan

The story I am about to tell,is a true story.

I thought I had the perfect wife for the last 31 years. I spoiled hermandngabe her everything

that she wanted. I let her do anything she wanted. Boy what a big mistake that was.
I met my wife in Germany, she was a 16 year old German girl and I was a 21 year old military

police man. I went out with her for less than two years. One day I did not feel like visiting her,
I later changed my mind and went to see her, I found her in a German bar with a soldier, she
took off on me for about a month and went with him and they had sex all the time.

Well I made a big mistake and I took herntomthe states and married her, you know that story, once a cheater always a cheater. We lived our life, i got a good job and she went to school to become a registered nurse. We had a daughterbthatnis about 30 years old and she wants nothing to,do,with her. I have no reason why, but the kid stopped coming by the house for,some unknown reason. I received a vacatemy and she stopped taking the pill.

She got pregnant and had an on of obortion. Why,,who knows,,I believe she was starting school to be
come a nurse and she did not,want school and a baby to be in the way. Now how could I get my wife pregnant if I had been fixed. I trusted her and thoughts maybe the doctor messes up.

If I knew whatnimknew now I would of been tested. I worked
to put her through nursing school.
I trusted this women beyond belief. Boy was i an idiot. On 4/15/13 she was acting funny after w
we had sex. I asked her ifmthere was another man and she said no,'i kept asking her for 30 minutes becausenshebwas crying. Finally she told me she was. She is a registered nurse that works in Rhode Island, on Post Road in Warwick. When she started working there she met a

man nurse by the name of Miguel, she said they talked nice to each other for 11 months. One night he asked her to go with him for a drink and ended up in his apartment in Johnston, Rhode Island. Where they had sex non stop,,she told me this went on for a month. She said he took a blue pill and could have sex with out cuming all night.This man is a Spanish man -

He is 46 years old and he lives with his girlfriend, that's right his girlfriend. I said to,my wife, are you nuts he is having sex with her and you, she said cocky so, I have a husband. Also she told me his penis,was uncircumcised.

Nice stuff to,tell your husband. I broke a statue and she called the Cranston cops on me, they could of arrested me for domestic violence.

But instead they took me to,Kent Hosptal in Warwick to be on the nut ward, later she came and got me and told me she was sorry,mint should of never happened and could I forgive her and i said yes.

Another mistake I made. Nowmshenhadncheated on me twice and maybe one for the kid that she never had.

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