Once a cheater always a cheater - "I still don't trust him.."


My husband failed a lie detector after less than a year of being married. We have now been married for 3 years.

I found out 1 1/2 years ago by doing a reverse search on his phone that he was cheating with a co-worker, he confessed and said he has not spoke to her sense.

They still work in the same building together. He swears they don't talk. I have access to his phone records and computer and haven't found anything that would cause me to question whether he has been faithful.

I always know where he is. He comes home on time everyday from work. Yesterday I found a lip gloss cap in his car on the passenger's side. He claims no one has been in his car. Swears he doesn't know how it got there.

I still don't trust him. I have told him that I would leave him if he cheated again. Not sure what to do about this lip gloss thing.

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Run for the hills
by: AshleyBee

Run for the hills. The past ALWAYS repeats itself with these kind of people because they have deep character flaws. Save yourself & get out now.

Not trusting the husband
by: Anonymous

Marriage is something which God requires from us which also controls the moving about from either partners. If you know that you are faithfull do this:
1- Take a DNA test for that Lip Stick cover ( its free) and check up with him.
2- Always tell him that you need some more just you finish sex.
3- Be also vigilant that you feel the sperm contents when you know that these days he is not going out. and days when you think he is outing.
4- he is your so you should be in a position to tell the differents of the sperm bank.
5- If you does at time cook for him and kids are not there wear a mini and start cooking for him bending down in his direction.

before giving food give him a kiss. check whether this might help which i know will help. try it

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