One Night Stand Again?

by Czarina

I was married for about 10yrs and 8mos.I cant say that our marriage is perfect, but I really love my husband and our three children.

I had a bad past doing sex with someone even without relationships. But when we got married, I had to say that Im now a faithful wife. I've stopped all my dirty jobs.We loved each other so there's no reasons to have an affair.

But one night, I recieved a message on my facebook account, it was my schoolmate who I had sex after my high graduation. He asked me if we can do it again... I thought he might be joking, because of how many years had past, he will just came even he has a family too. I asked him why? He just tell me that he just wanted to do it again. Im so scared that my husband will know about my past. I dont know what to do. If I dont agree with what he want, he might ruin my life. I dont want my husband to know my story about that guy. And I really dont want to do it again, I dont want to hurt my husband.It such a shame now that I had a family. Last thing that came up to my mind is to blocked him on my facebook account.

Now I can sleep without worrying that he could send messages on me. I have to focus on my family and forget my bad past.

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