Pain So Deep

by Babe

Pain So Deep

The pain in my heart and soul is so deep.
Every night i cry myself to sleep.
I say a prayer after i weep.
Lord!! Hear my cries,Take the hurt away.
Keep me strong each and every day.
I walk on the beach and leave my footprints in the sand.
Lord i put my heart in your hand.
My heart is filled with sorrow and despair.
Lord, i know your promise to me is that you are always there. I know you care.
Dreams are gone, The brightness is so dark.
Oh Lord!! Help ignite the spark.
The pain so deep in my heart,there's a depth that you do see lord.
But a pain my wife will never touch or feel.
Her pride a simple mask, she wears all to well.
A pretender to the last.
And no matter how much i love her.
She'll always be right here in my pain so deep, only i weep.
She'll always be just out of my reach.
For she'll never know the pain my heart bares.
Each and every day is a struggle, oh how i pray for healing.
She doesn't really care, how my heart and soul is feeling.
But if she took the time to know how much pain so deep i have.
She'd be surprised on what she'd find in my heart and soul.How she can save it.
My heart is soft, broken and yet kind.
Many thoughts and moments i cherish in my heart and soul,run through my mind.
My shoulders carry the weight of pain so deep, that surpasses the sense of happiness.
Lord!! I pray for a miracle. Memories dance in the shadows.
My dreams crying fade in the surrounding darkness.
It's he who has lied.
But it's my heart that has died.
Lord, open my wifes eyes and let her see the light.
I light a candle and it's shining bright.
It has a good flame.
My wife is filled with guilt and shame.
Lord!! WHY am i to blame?

Written by Babe 10-13-08

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