Piece of a Condom Wrapper Found Bathroom Floor

by candi
(la, ca, usa)

Yesterday morning I found a corner of a condom wrapper on the bathroom floor of our apartment. He and I don't use condoms during sex because I'm on the pill.

I asked him what he used a condom for, and he said it was for masturbation to last longer when we are in bed. Should I believe him?

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by: Anonymous

Why do you even need to ask? He was banging someone else.

by: Anonymous

Purchase a voice recorder with a good microphone. Or a wireless nanny cam that you can easily hide in the bedroom or living room. As soon as you get it set it up for a dry run to ensure you can hear the recording or see the cam all while making sure it isn't visible to those you are spying on. I lost my first and last husband to cheating. If he is acting a different, lots of meeting, hiding his phone, being extra lovable, getting home very late and showering, avoiding your questions, rubbing/scratching/or tugging on his ear, nose, or eyes or looking intently in your eyes while telling his story, looking down and to the right... then he is a cheating liar. Ok.. maybe not. But those are signs psychologists and detectives look for when one is not being 100% truthful. Whatever the case is... Make sure you are financially ready for whatever might happen. Don't end up on the street penniless and hungry. Or have him walk out leaving you with the mortgage and other bills. Have a plan.. Stay with a friend. If he is violent.. this is for anyone reading this.. just leave. Cheating or not.. leave. If he is cheating, there is no reason to confront him where you are putting yourself or others in his raging path. Most spousal deaths are premeditated. They are often caused by one or the other snapping. Act as if everything is normal, then once you have a plan in place and he is out of the house, grab what you can and get out. Have a police escort you if you need to return for more personal belongings in the future. Never return to an abusive, or mentally unstable spouse after leaving or threatening to leave. Don't threaten... just leave. Don't go back with your little girlfriend cause she can't protect you and could end up next to you in a shallow grave. Police escort only! Get all the counseling together you want. AFTER you've left the danger zone. Never ride together to counseling if you've moved out. Arrive early for the session/leave after he has driven off. Restraining orders will do nothing if you don't enforce it. My cousin was killed by an abusive husband. She always believed he was sorry. Until he snapped one night. He beat her to death, then stabbed her 30Xs while their 4&6 yo daughters sat on the couch screaming in horror. He drove her & the girls to his mothers not realizing he had killed her. If Amber had used the restraining order as it was intended this tragic event wouldn't have happened. Amber was in hiding but told him to come see her & girls. An hour later Amber got a call from a male. Her husband saw the guys name on the phone and went into a killing rage. She had no chance to explain he was a gay friend.

I wanna give him the benefit of the doubt...
by: Anonymous

...but a similar thing happened to me, with the same excuse. Yeah, he was cheating on me.

I don't know. Trust your instincts, and don't react just yet. Sit back and read the situation. If he is cheating, there should be other warning signs.

I Don't Buy It
by: Anonymous

Wow - he is a good liar. Sounds like he is cheating. Guys do not buy rubbers to JO - that is what towels are for

by: Anonymous

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. He's just being careless doing it at home.

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