Pregnant and cheated on

by Nichole A S

Me and my ex now had known and been each other since I was 15 years old he was 18. We were each others high school sweethearts and first love.

We always had plans of getting married and having a family. I broke up with him because he was too jealous than gave him a second chance after a 3 year break up.

We both moved on, and had our significant others. Im 23 know and he's 27. We got back together giving it a another chance. He had always looked for me and we never stopped being in contact with each other.

This past August we got back together and everything was perfect in our relationship. It was hard to believe. We would go out, have romantic dinners, great sex, spend too much time together.

He took me around his co workers one night. I met all of them including a girl who is married to one of his best friends now. I had a bad feeling about her, she looked at me with envy in every way.

I didn't think anything of it just being hated on by a ugly slutty girl who has too many baby daddies to be acting immature. As I start feeling nautious in the morning I took a pregnancy test when he left to work. I tell him immediately when he calls me from his break that I'm pregnant .

He starts crying as he always wanted to get me pregnant so I could be his forever he said". We are both happy and have outstanding plans. Ill continue to go to the university as he keeps on working.

I have all of my families and his families support with the first grandson on the way. He signs on in my laptop to his email account about 2 months ago. I start going threw his email because I would not have a problem if he went trough mine.

What I found out was extremely heart breaking. I find his best friend wife and him, exchanging very intimate pictures and kissing. When I come to see these pictures I was 4 months pregnant, I am 6 months know.

I did not takr a second chance think to leave him I just did. I have not had any communication with him as he's been blocked from my cell phone, but since I have a macbook air I can see all the txts he's sent me explaining himself.

I don't know what to do. Someone please help, I'm going through depression currently in my pregnancy. Tell me if I should become a woman and raise the baby on my own, leaving school and dedicating myself fully to my baby boy. Or give him a opportunity to be a family,go to counseling and provide a father to my baby.????? :(

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