Prism Investigative Services

by Bob
(Phoenix, AZ)

What We Do

Prism Investigative Service's mission is to serve legal professionals, the financial services industry, and the collection industry, with skiptracing services, field visit services and telephone information gathering services.

We offer background check services as well. Our specialty is in providing business-to-business services that require the involvment of a licensed private investigator.

Our staff has extensive experience dealing with skiptracing, collateral recovery, collection issues, and background investigations and telephone information gathering, and asset investigations.

We work with a network of licensed collection agencies nationwide, who can assist you in the collection of your outstanding commercial receivables.

You can count on Prism Investigative Services to handle your particular situation with the utmost professionalism and in accordance with all state and federal laws.

Prism Investigative Services: Background checks, Infidelity, locate missing people, field visit services, survellience services, business consulting services and loss prevention consulting. License #1562411 in Arizona, service available nationwide thru referal network.


Call Us At: (623) 565-9451

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