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I am a male who is best friends with a female. I've known her for about 20 years. We have became close and tell each other almost everything.

She cheated on her husband once with a neighbor and got caught. They almost got divorced but worked it out.

At the end of last year they moved to a new house. Now the new neighbor comes by their house very often.

He is a divorced male about the same age as her. About a month ago, she suddenly stopped talking to me. Severed all contact really.

Past couple of days she says a couple of words. I talked to her mother and sister and they say she has been having major 'attitude' with them about the same amount of time.

She also started hanging out with her female friend from high school again, who is a hairdresser and suddenly went from blonde to brunette.

So what does it sound like? Is she cheating on her husband again?

She has also started posting pics of him on her Facebook page saying how she loves him so. What do you guys think?

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by: Anonymous

Of course she's cheating!! If you wouldn't do it with her, she finds someone else!! Probably wishes it was you!! And yes, her husband deserves to know!! Do like I am and let the world know!!

by: Anonymous

If u are just friends with this female, i wonder why do u care if she cheats? She's gonna tell u eventualy all about it later, as you said that you tell each other everyything.
Best regards,
Another cheater female.

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