Real Cheater

by Joe, Leslie, Gian, Cali

real cheaters lie a lot
they are cynical indeed
they think with their fingers on their nose
before they lie between their teeth

they fight and fight and fight all day
they make excuses not to do their chores
they want to make necklaces in san francisco
at the beautiful fishermens wharf

they shout ewwww when you are around
and throw your things into the trash
they say this place is a mess
and threaten to kick your ass

they laugh at you inside your house
they give you dirty stares
they make you walk up hill on walks
but do they really care?

nope because theyre cheaters
and they dont even know you bleed
they glance at you while passing by
saying why are you looking at me

but still i love her silly ass
and her moody ways at night
i love the eyes that peer at me
when we kiss goodnight

i love the sex thats awesome
and how her body feels
i love the showers that we share
and all her sex appeal

i love they way she cares for the kids
the way she gets them in line
i love to make love to my girl
i think about it all the time

i love her hands holding mine
and the plans she secretly makes
i love the love she gives to me
and thank god for her almost every day

i love the thought of being together
to show her who i am in time
i love expressing my love for her
though i dont always do it quite right

i love her for the countless times
she just lays with me in bed
i love sliding my arms around her
as i become a pillow for her head

i love her voice and the laughter
shes embedded in my mind
i love to dream of a future with her
her soul was made for mine

she is my love for always
thats what shell always be
she never cheated a single day
im just nuts as you can see

from Joe to Leslie (you are mine always, you are my everything)

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