by Trish Ruiz
(Chicago, IL, USA)

A real woman is the type a man wants to marry.

A real whore is the type a man cheats with.

A real woman knows her priorities.

A real whore hasn't a clue.

A real woman knows how to conduct herself as one.

A real whore could care less.

A real woman has true friends that are there no matter what the situation.

A real whore has friends that are just as slutty as she is.

A real woman knows when and how to handle things.

A real whore doesn't know when to stop.

A real woman uses the brain God provided.

A real whore doesn't even know where to begin.

A real woman is one a man can tell he LOVES AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE.

A real whore is one a man can't tell you anything real about.

A real woman recognizes her true self, accomplishments, faults, failures, and goals.

A real whore can't see the truth if it slapped her in the face.

A real woman knows how and why she should fight for her family.

A real whore will never have a real family of her own, so she looks for someone elses.

A real woman is the type a man WANTS TO HAVE CHILDREN with.

A real whore is the type a man accidently has or is tricked into having a child with.

A real woman is the type a man will always have in his heart, even when they are no longer together.

A real whore is the type a man will go to untill the next one is available.

A real woman is permanent!

A real whore is just a cheap temp!

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