Top 5 Reasons for Infidelity in Marriage

"Infidelidad en el Matrimonio"

In this article you will learn the top 5 reasons for infidelity in marriage (infidelidad en el matrimonio) that you should know about. If you are happily married, you may be wondering why you need to know these reasons for cheating.

Marriage is supposed to be for a lifetime. A lifetime is long time, and based on the rising divorce rates it means that partners are cheating despite taking the vow of marriage.

Knowledge is power, and by knowing the top 5 reasons for infidelity in marriage you will be:

  • Better equipped to spot the signs of infidelity before it's too late

  • Able to determine and decide if your marriage is worth saving

  • Able to choose the best option of resolution for your situation

Top 5 Reasons for Infidelity in Marriage (Infidelidad en el Matrimonio)

  • Sexual Addiction – You hear about celebrities getting caught cheating then entering a sexual addiction clinic. Just like there is addiction to porn, a partner may become addicted to sex and develop an insatiable sexual appetite that leads to infidelity.

  • Marriage Lacks Excitement – While this may not seem like a legitimate reason for infidelity, it is cited over and over by partners that cheated and were confronted about their naughty deeds.

  • Curiosity – As the saying goes, "curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!" The grass does always look a lot greener on the other side of the fence. May not be always be so, but it is enticing.

  • Relationship evolves out of friendship – In many instances, two friends that spend a lot of time together that share intimate conversation fall victim to this reason. In many of these same instances, it could be two co-workers that spend a lot of time together that lead to the affair.

  • Sexual Needs not Met - This one is self explanatory, but the intriguing part about this is that infidelity could have been avoided in many cases if the couple communicated effectively about these same needs and deficiencies in the marriage.

While I personally do not think that these are valid reasons for cheating in marriage (infidelidad en el matrimonio), these are the reasons that have been cited in many surveys about why someone cheated.

"Infidelity ruined my marriage"

Hopefully you will never have to deal with any of these reasons, but knowing them will not hurt.

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