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Need to record Instant Messages? Are you familiar with instant messaging? Well if you are looking to bust your cheating spouse then its one more thing you should familiarize yourself with.

Here is the definition from Wikipedia:

IM falls under the umbrella of chat, as it is a real-time text-based networked communication system, but is distinct in that it is based on clients that facilitate connections between specified known users (often using "Buddy List", "Friend List" or "Contact List"), whereas Chat includes web-based applications that allow communication between (often anonymous) users in a multi-user environment. (an analogy would be comparing a telephone and a bar-room. With the telephone, you have to know the contact information to reach the other person, whereas you just show up at the bar and see who is there to chat with)

So what is the difference between instant messages and emails? Below is the answer according to

How does IM differ from email?

Fundamentally, the difference between IM and email is the notion of presence. This means that users of the IM system are aware that other users have logged in and are willing to accept messages. Unlike email, IM content can only be sent to users who are logged in to the system and accepting messages. If users are not logged in, others do not have the ability to send them messages.

Because IM is not predicated upon an open standard, there is no uniformity regarding message transmission and structure.

Well chances are if your spouse is cheating then they will use Instant Messaging at some point to communicate with their lover. If you are prepared you will be able to record every keystroke typed when they do talk.

With the right program to record instant messages installed, it will be just a matter of time before you get to the bottom of what they are doing online in those wee hours when you already tucked away in bed.

"Best Programs to Record Instant Messaging"

Here is a list of programs available to get you pointed in the right direction in recording instant messages.

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