Rememember Lake Cavanaugh

There I was. At a party. Full day of water skiing and lots of beer. And then there were the drinking games. Let me back up, my roommate tells me that my X didn't come to the party with him but Dan T. This was Lake Cavanaugh in Washington State. I was working, and my X was not and apparently gets a ride with a guy I grew up with who was also unemployed.
So we go to S's house on the lake as he retires from USDA.
A person I met at the party and his girlfriend come up to me and tell me that my X and this guy Dan T have their hands all over each other under the table. This gal is telling me I have to go find her before I regret what happens.
I go looking and I go wait outside the bathroom. I have to go to the bathroom and I am waiting and waiting. I see this hand go up to the bathroom window (as I was outside waiting on entry way) and I see the hand shut the bathroom window shut. I wait and wait.
My X and Dan T come out of the bathroom and they are immediately confronted. It becomes a scene. My X goes tell him nothing happened, and then tells him again and I see this look in his face as he tries to deny it. I round up my X into the car as I try to find out what the hell happened. In the process, this basketcase tries jumping out of a moving vehicle and is just a basketcase. I leave her behind.
I try to find out what happened as I plan on dumping my X (now X) and a person I grew up with.
Everybody comes back from the party and first thing Dan T comes up and tells me that nothing happened. Then my X comes and tells me nothing happened.
It was this plausible deniability. You see she couldn't accept what was going to happen to her reputation so she lied. I gave her the benefit of the doubt as I wanted badly to believe her, though I didn't want to end a relationship based on what could not be 100% proven or worse, based on something my stupid drunk friend (no longer a friend) did.
I gave her the benefit of the doubt and it was the biggest regrettable mistake of my life. She manipulated the entire event. She used me.
I didn't have all the pieces to the puzzle it took me some time to pick up on a few things I had missed. One was this guy called her at her apartment while I was there and he called her while he was out of town at refrigeration school. My x told him on the phone I was there and I didn't think anything of it, and I sort of blew it off that my friend contacted her while in town as I didn't have anything to worry about.
My x kept telling me that we were in a monogamous relationship. She even kept talking about a few local tramps and about this gal name S that even went to the extent of breaking up with her boyfriend to cheat on him. I can tell it was all bedroom talk and manipulation.
Years later, my x wife's former boyfriend contacted me on Facebook and told me he got together with my x and my x me she had broken up with him, he didn't know about me. This is how this gal built up the trust in the relationship.
These sorts of women give all women a black eye. The abuse and manipulation is one thing but to then go along with the lie and spread lies after divorce, unbelievable. I thought this gal really cared about me but in reality, she only cared about herself.
Then she goes out and has an affair with B. Marriage ends.
My neighbors on both sides of me told me what was going on. One neighbor said he knew some guy was over there (when I was working out of town). My other neighbor said my x wife was carrying on with some guy when I was out of town so much that he was going to tell me because it wasn't right but his wife told him to mind his own business.
It was much later that I had to lay down all the pieces of the puzzle as I couldn't figure out what happened. It was like a puzzle, though a painful puzzle.
But the pieces came together and it all started to make sense. It was unbelievable to see what sort of deceit went on right in front of me, with people I grew up with, and all with lies even when caught. Even when confronted she couldn't have told the truth. Had the truth been told or if I had gone with my gut instincts, I wouldn't have made the biggest mistake of my life, marrying her.
I realized that everybody and everything was like cancer and everybody had to be removed. It wasn't too hard to do. Once I figured out the truth, it wasn't too hard removing myself from it all. Let the others go on living a lie and let others accept their reputation they so deserve, that of a liar and a cheater.

Remember Lake Cavanaugh bitch. You selfish little coward.

I mean perfect strangers had to tell me what happened and I had to see the two come out of the bathroom. Such class. Talking really classy woman. With someone I grew up with. Last time I saw that loser was at R's house behind F.M. That was after this bitch conspired with Dan T because if he didn't I would have known why he wasn't at the wedding. In reality, this bitch conspired to cover that up, and then he goes on to break up someone else's marriage.
By now this bitch has the reputation she deserves and everybody knows. People ask questions about me and I could care less about them to this day. But they aren't as terrible as the person I married, the one that cheated and lied.
Then the bitch went on to burn the bridges and say I was "controlling" and "verbally abusive". This is how low people get to protect the reputation they deserve.

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