Retail manager

by J
(Ames Iowa)

It was xmas holiday time. Its one of are busiest times at the supermarket. Well we had piece miseltoe hanging over stock room door.

The guys an gals would try an catch each other in doorway. I just happened to meet one of my female employees there. well what I thought was going to be just a holiday kiss ended up being a 2 year affair.

We would take lunch breaks together. an what we ate you couldn't get at Wendys. I was 13 yrs older than her married 20 yrs 2 children and she was a
married woman also with a young daughter.

Our lunch break was usually her performing or*l s*x on me! God it was great as my wife would never ever do oral s*x.

She would have upset stomach even from finding hair in her food. I had told my wife I was going fishing it was a sunday.

I and drove straight to howard johnsons where we usually met.i enter restaurant an there she is an to my surprise theres a young girl with her.

hey how you today? I'm fine ted this my daughter! hi! her name is Angie but prefers Annie. Hi Annie I'm ted! has mom told you about me? oh yes shes
crazy about you an specially your hugh pen*s.well it was a very very merry xmas.

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