Revenge Cheating and Why You Shouldnt Do It

by Ian

Revenge Cheating...You Shouldn't Do It

Revenge Cheating...You Shouldn't Do It

Ill start by telling my story. Me and this girl dated for about a year and a half and everything was going so well for us.

Maybe a little to well i thought but why doubt the good. We were spending all the time we had together and then school ended for both of us and we got jobs and started our lives and we tried to keep our relationship working and it was hard and I was doing great, I thought and she was doing the best she could so she said.

We got engaged and then 2 weeks later everything we had collapsed. She found another girls number on my phone and we had to start all over. She gave me another chance and pretty much kept me on a leash for a month or so and then let me run my own life again sort of.

Well I was trying to get things to be the same as they was before the incident and she was putting out effort but it wasnt enought to suit me.

So I started having these thoughts that she was seeking revenge on me. So I decided to borrow a friends car one day and i followed her when she left for work on a saturday.

She never ever had to work on a saturday. She goes to this guys house and she is in there for like thirty mins an then comes out in a different set of clothes and goes to the mall and I followed them. they drove around back and our mall has like a shaded spot behind it and there is never anyone back there so they parked in that spot and i parked a little ways away.

I seen the vehicle start to rock and i knew what was going on but i was afraid at first to walk over there cause i thought i was going to kill this guy.

But I went anyway and scared them the guy threw her out and kept her clothes and then out of anger i wouldnt let her in my car until she told me the whole story... Well somehow i forgave her but decided to seek revenge on her and I had my first threesome and really enjoyed it.

Anyways it just kept going back and forth and never stopped after about fifteen times i ended it. Now it does not solve anything the best thing i could have done was gave her a ride to my house and told her to pack her stuff its over.

Now the guy she cheated on me with was my best friend and the two girls i cheated on her with was her cousins

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