Romantic Love Affairs

This Love Affair Involves a Great Deal of Emotional Commitment

Romantic love affairs are very detrimental to a relationship because of the emotional investment that it brings along.

In this affair, the two lovers are mutually committed and they may communicate frequently their desire to be together exclusively in the future after leaving their current partners.

While the foundation of this affair is strong, it may have started as a fling. With time and a few fights with the current partner, this relationship can become intense very quickly which leads to the perpetual growth that can tear apart the strongest bonds.

When the emotional commitment is removed from one relationship to be brought into another, the affair sometimes comes to light. This devastating experience is extremely damaging to the betrayed partner and leaves them with the heart wrenching decision to leave or stay.

The decision becomes even harder for relationships with a lot invested. Children and financial obligations a re two such factors that make the decision that much harder to make.

romantic love affairs

This is why romantic love affairs can be so dangerous. The betrayed partner for one reason or another will continue to live miserably throughout the affair because they are unable to leave despite knowing about the romantic affair. This situation is what continues and leads to the "long term affair".

I really feel it is important to know the different types of affairs if you are ever in a situation in which your relationship could be affected by it.

I really believe that when you lose your partner emotionally, your relationship stands little to no chance to survive. Even without infidelity playing a role in a relationship, it is very important to keep the respect and always continue to do the little things that you did when you first fell in love.

In my opinion, relationship stands far greater chances to survive flings than romantic love affairs where so much emotion is involved.

In any of these situations, it will be an uphill battle to revive the relationship. An affair is a strangle hold on your relationship. The more it continues, the less your relationship is able to breathe and over time the relationship will suffocate. If this breathtaking death hold can be broken free of in time, a full recovery is possible with some hard work, time, patience, and faith! 

"I deserve to be happy. I only have one
life and I am in love! Unfortunately it is not with my wife, and I'm sad to say it."

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