Selfish-Irresponsible-Gross - "My husband committed adultery after my cancer treatments while a had surgery"

by Gloria
(Cleveland Ohio usa)

My husband committed adultery after my cancer treatments while a had surgery. He used that as an alibi-after my surgeries he was leaving me.

Those 2 nasty critters were stabbing me in the back in between my illnesses. She knew of my previous battle with cancer and he was going to take care of me during my post op days.

What weirdos-no compassion for any human being. A good wife and mother knows never to touch a married man-there's a lady at home doing every responsible mature thing an adult does in a marriage and sacrificing for her family.

I would like to know one thing-what goes through their minds when the husband gets dressed,leaves and returns home to their wife?

What sympathetic justification do these idiots use??? Every couple has disagreements and struggles-it is not any of the homewreckers business-they should wonder why a single man has no desire to be with them!!

As far as the spouse-why not man up and get out before they destroy the foundation that took years of work and dedication to build.

Do they have any respect for the desperate individual that uses primative behavior? Why not introduce them in public-hide and sneak, how immature and pathetic. Introduce them to your children-go ahead cowards.

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