She cheated with a co-worker - "No, time does not heal all wounds"

by Jason
(Muskegon, Michigan, USA)

My wife got a job at a factory, which was a godsend because we were hurting for money. After about a year she started becoming somewhat distant, but at first I didn't think much of it because I thought that she was just getting worn out from the stresses of the job.

One night when I was at work, a friend of mine came up to me and told me that my wife was seeing someone where she works and that one Saturday, when I was off in Detroit to see a Tigers game with a friend, she had dropped our kids off at a friends house and went to a wedding with this guy, after which they were spotted getting cozy with each other at the reception.

When I confronted her she denied it at first, but then, after about two hours of arguing, she confessed and told me that she did go to the wedding with him and that they "kissed" at the reception. She also told me that she purposely failed to tell me about the company picnic that was in June so that she could go without me. I was devastated! Here was the women that I love, the mother of my children, and she basically just ripped my heart out.

After the confession she promised that she would end all ties with the guy that she possibly could, and if he tried talking to her at work she would just ignore him because she wanted to save our marriage. I was skeptical, let alone mad about everything, but I agreed simply because we have kids and if I was going to save our marriage, it would be for the kids alone.

Fast forward about two months. I get home from work and check the mail. In the mail is a letter from our insurance agency about a Ford Ranger being added to our auto-policy. I didn't think much about it at first and thought that it was a mistake from the insurance company. About an hour later it hits me...this guy at my wife's work drives a Ford Ranger. When my wife gets home from work I showed her the letter, but I played it off as the insurance company making a mistake. So I say to her, "let's go up to the insurance company and get this straightened out", and I could see her getting nervous, but she agreed.

On the drive to the insurance office I assumed that she would have confessed, but she didn't. In the office the receptionist looks up the information (The whole time my wife looks like she wants to crawl out of her skin) and the receptionist says, "Here's your signature, Mrs. *#+%&, for an insurance policy for a green Ford Ranger". And then my wife breaks down and tells me that this guy at work (The same guy she was messing around with over the summer) needed auto insurance so she added him and his truck to our policy.

I just laughed and laughed. I mean, how stupid can someone be! Not only was she carrying on with the affair, but if this guy had killed someone, if the policy didn't cover all the expenses, then we would have been held responsible for the balance and if sued, we could have lost our house, all for a damn affair.

This guy must be one hell of a lay to risk everything! Plus, who in their right mind wouldn't know that by adding another vehicle to the policy that the spouse wouldn't find out? There must be something in the water to make peoples common sense go away.

My wife ended up quitting the job and pleaded with me to save the marriage, which I agreed. But I didn't agree because of her. I agreed for the sake of the kids; I find it hard to bring myself to tearing this family apart, simply because I come from a family that went through a divorce as a kid and it SUCKS! But today, even though things between my wife and I seem better, I still have this pain lurking within me and my trust for her is gone.

I find myself questioning her from time to time and I think that it's unfair for both her and I; no one deserves to live like one! So no, time does not heal.

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