Is She Definitely Cheating?

Is She Definitely Cheating?

You see, there are signs and signals that your loved one is being unfaithful, but at the end of the day, they are just that, signs and signals.

I have a close friend that thought his partner was cheating on him because several of the tell-tale signs were there. 

  • His girlfriend became very distant

  • She wouldn't answer his calls when he called, and then she would tell him a story that he thought didn't make sense.

  • The sex frequency dropped! 

There were more of these signs that made him think that she was definitely cheating on him. For many, these signals probably would have steered them in the right direction.

But you see, each person reacts to certain factors in their life differently, and in his case, her reaction to a personal family related issue caused her to display signs that made it seem as if she was definitely cheating.

Factor in the fact that my friend was a suspicious person that always had his beliefs that all girls were bad and he never really fully trusted her to begin with.

The human intuition is strong and it will usually guide you in the right direction. The keyword is usually. So you don't want to be that case where you falsely accuse your partner of cheating because of your insecurities .

It is always recommended to keep an open line of communication with your partner. A lot of times, relationship problems could be resolved if discussed at an earlier stage.

As with many things, momentum can take a problem or relationship issue and compound it. This is the snowball effect and it can work in both positive and negative ways.

The successful relationships seem to smooth out and eliminate these negative snowballs before they ever get the chance to overwhelm them.

Is she definitely cheating?

If you are with someone that you truly love I think and would recommend that you assess and think things through before jumping to conclusions.

In time, if they are being unfaithful I think you will know the answer if you pay attention and mind your relationship.

If things just keep pointing you in that direction but you still are NOT absolutely sure that she is definitely cheating then you may want to seek the services of a private investigator. 

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