She Fooled Me Good - "My advice - TRUST NO MAN"

by Ray
(Delano, CA)

I have been married to my wife for 18 years. We haven't had a perfect marriage but what marriage is?

We have 2 sons 16 and 14. About 2 years ago my cousin Albert got divorced from his wife and needed a place to stay. So I offered a spare bedroom he could rent til he got back on his feet.

At first everything was fine, and there were no problems til about 3 months of him living with us.

I began to notice that he and my wife would stay up late after evryone had went off to bed. I worked the graveyard shift and was gone from 9pm-6am.

My wife began spending too much time with him, going to movies, shopping, out to eat, and sport events.

This went on for nearly another 4 months, til my son told me that he saw Albert having sex with his mom.

I was furious and confronted them both! They admitted and I threw Albert out.

About 6 weeks later we came to find out my wife was pregnant and it couldn't be mine because I got fixed after my 2nd son was born.

She eventually had a daughter and we are in court battles with cousin currently.

My advice - TRUST NO MAN

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by: Anonymous

They must've want to get caught if they were fornicating nearby. I won't blame genders but rather on impulsive individuals who can't control their urges. I don't think I can be with someone who is that thoughtless and selfish particularly towards a love one.

Don't trust no man
by: Anonymous

True but it's alwAys two to play the game. You should have seen it coming. Woman always are easy to flatter. I had the same story but could not see it coming. My wife said the Neighbour husband come round one evening knowing I M working away and his wife on nightshirt. He wanted to see if the vedeo is playing on the machine which she checked it out while he watched. It was fine but it was a blue moving and after a few minutes his hand was moving up her dress which she said she was numb. One thing lead to the next and before she knew it she was giving him a blow job. He came soon and said if she want to continue she must come to his house. She could not believe what happened and thought no ways but being in the mood and knowing how much she wanted it she went to his place and they had a great time. She said they screwed and watch movies till 5 am the next day. She went back the next evening and he propose a 3 some as he said she was so hot. In the mood he got her she agreed but did not thought it would happen. After giving it to her roughly as she wanted it she was surprised by his friend and did they gave her a night to remember. She said they spoke to each other as if she was. Whore. They did her in as she never had it before and told her should she tell anybody the will let everybody know whT a big whore she is. She could not believe whT she let her in and five years later after we move she confess what happened. I know she wanted it and blame both of them.

by: Anonymous

Trust no woman either, and you need to get rid of her!

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