she is me

by cheater

you held me close and kissed me
that night in the rain
all the passion and excitement
erased all my pain.
it was thrilling and exciting
not a soul could know,
you were afraid your wife would discover
you were on the low.
you and i messed around
then suddenly you got all weird,
you stopped showing up
your 'yes' meant 'no' i feared.
so now im left wondering
what have i done wrong?
am i not good enough?
why did you lead me on?
you told me that you wanted me
i trusted and i gave in,
now the chase is over,
you feel guilty of your sins.
and back at home she wonders
why your never there
and when you are your always drunk
you rarely ever care.
she checks your emails and your phone
and shouts at you all night
the guilt is eating at your heart
youll never win this fight.
your swamped with all these thoghts of me,
the guilt is eating you alive
you love us both but you cant choose
this marriage wont survive.
so back to me and how i feel
all i wanted was some fun
i never thought he had feelings for me
when we first begun.
now what is he to do?
his wife suspects he is a cheat,
she's taken all his clothes and pictures
and thrown him on the street.
even though i dont feel happy.
my feelings are still the same,
its just that he stupid f&*K
let her find out about our game!

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