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pack your bags
by: JP

Dear Ivory,
Nobody can give you the answers to a question that you already know. People do not change. Marriage and God are not going to make that man loyal to you. It's very a very common issue when people are in love. They believe that getting married, having kids, and going to church might change things and strengthen the bond. Wont happen! You're disrespecting yourself. You let so much time pass that you are willing to believe that things will change, not to mention the thought of, is there really anything better out there and can I attract that person? There are few honest people out there, but there are some. Cut your losses and don't listen to more lies. When you make that decision he will try to convince you to stay. It's worked for years. You are stability to him and that's all. Worse then not loving you, he doesn't even like you. Like and friendship is a much stronger bond then love. You do not have that. It's going to be one of the toughest moves you'll ever make to move on but. do it. Years from now your only regret will be the time you wasted..

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