Number One Sign of Woman Infidelity. Here it is!

So what is the number one sign of woman infidelity? If you simply read the phrase "My spouse cheated on me, and I was totally caught off guard", most would assume that a wife was conveying or expressing her thoughts about her cheating husband.

Well, in today's society that phrase can just as likely be said from the distraught husband that just found out his wife cheated on him.

No longer is "cheating" something that only a man does to his wife or partner. The tables have turned and women are having extramarital affairs just as much these days. It was once thought that a woman only cheated in isolated situations in which she may be emotionally distraught because of something her man may have done.

The below is an interesting quote from a female visitor from a very popular website that deals with cheating and infidelity:

"Great site, we were just reading through signs she's cheating and as women who have cheated, we wanted to add that maybe too much emphasis is placed on emotions when it comes to women's behaviors and cheating.

Some of us chase the thrill as much as a man and withdrawing from sex and intimacy with your partner very often is for exactly the same reasons as men do it. Not because emotionally we feel we are betraying the new interest.

You could liken it to the top lion being overthrown ... the female rarely wants to stay with the less dominant. Animal instincts... We also cheat for the ego boost and can still be in love with our partner (or probably more appropriately) not prepared to lose them over a fling."

Men, it's your turn to be on the lookout for that telltale sign of woman infidelity before its too late.

Are you feeling that your wife has disconnected from you emotionally?

Has she changed her style or physical appearance overnight?

There are many signs of women infidelity that you need to pay attention too, but most of them will lead to one thing in the long run, and that's the emotional withdrawal from the relationship.

Because of this, the number one sign of woman infidelity is the "emotional withdrawal" that will eventually happen because of the infidelity.

Or is it?

sign of woman infidelity

According to that female visitor, woman or engaging in extramarital affairs and having flings to fulfill their sexual desires just as men have "allegedly" done for years. That seems to suggest that women will do the dirty deed and come back home with a warm heart.

One thing is for sure, couples will have to consistently work hard at their marriages so that they do not become an infidelity statistic. 

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